Petrol Engine Tuning 

• Improved power output.
• Improved torque.
• Improved & immediate

throttle response.
• Flat spots in power delivery removed.
• Smoother power delivery.
• A more exhilarating Drive!

Turbocharged petrol cars have long been king when it comes to performance and the gains that Miltons Remap can achieve with a turbo charged car are simply amazing. As with all modern car engines the ECU is the overall controller by interpreting data from various sensors attached to the car and engine and in turn controlling the output of components such as turbo boost pressure, fuel delivery and timing. At Miltons Remap, we can remap the existing, detuned settings in the ECU to maximise the boost efficiency throughout the whole rev range to enhance the power delivery.

The remapping of a petrol turbo engine ECU, by Miltons Remap, can produce up to 30% extra bhp, dependent on vehicle spec. Remapped cars will be notably more responsive, by immediate power in the throttle input & no higher rev lagging either. The considerable increase in torque & power gives the engine more gear flexibility & also reduces any need to shift-down, when overtaking.

Remember, our petrol re map and petrol engine tuning technology can modify the ECU on virtually any petrol ecu tuning chip. We can help improve your engine power and transform your vehicle’s driveability, even if it has been mechanically modified with upgraded air filters, intakes, exhausts, turbos etc. 

We also regularly remap non-turbo petrol vehicles, which although do not have as evident gains as a turbo petrol vehicle, can still be remapped to increase mid-range power to improve driveability.


Diesel & Petrol Power Engine Tuning And ECU Remapping In Milton Keynes


Modern advances in diesel engine technology has changed what we expect from a Diesel engine vehicle, and many diesel cars now outperform their petrol equivalents. We have found the right balance for diesel engines, whether turbo or non-turbo. We have different maps to suit all types of drivers. 

When Miltons Remap tunes a diesel turbo engine, the approximate gains are from 25-40% extra bhp, but not unheard of seeing 50% extra bhp in some cases and up to 65% extra torque, dependent on vehicle specification! Diesel engines have the most remarkable power & torque gains. The entire rev range gets increased power & even under load conditions, these engines will show amazing ‘torque force’. Virtually any diesel car will have its performance & driveability, absolutely transformed!

Most people that have their diesel cars remapped by Miltons Remap are amazed at the difference that an ECU remap makes.  The majority of our customers return to us almost immediately, if or when they replace their car or have their other vehicles done that they own.
Benefits of Diesel ECU Tuning & Diesel Engine Remaps:

Diesel Engine Tuning

• Improved power output throughout the rev range.
• Improved torque.
• Improved & immediate throttle response.
• Flat spots in power delivery removed.
• Smoother power delivery.
An overall better driving experience!

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