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Carbon Clean

• Car Carbon Cleaning.
• Van and LCV Carbon Cleaning.
• HGV Carbon Cleaning.

• Marine Engine Carbon Cleaning.
• Plant Engine Carbon Cleaning.



Engine Carbon cleaning can drastically improve, restore, and revitalise engine performance by safely removing carbon deposits from vital engine components including fuel injectors, turbos, EGR Valves, Catalytic Converters and DPF exhaust systems.

Carbon deposits are a by-product of burning fuel in petrol and diesel internal combustion engines that cling to engine internals, hindering operation, and in-turn reduce performance, increase component failure along with engine management warning lights and MOT emission failures.

Unlike other methods of Carbon Cleaning that can use corrosive liquids and chemicals, our Carbon Cleaning process uses Hydrogen gas that is injected during engine operation which safely burns off carbon deposits whilst monitoring engine data via diagnostics.

Many vehicles that fail MOT emissions test pass after carry out a Carbon Clean, reducing the need for costly component replacement.

Carbon Cleaning is a simple and safe process that does not require the dismantling of the engine and is available for all car, van, HGV, marine and plant engine applications.


Engine Carbon Cleaning in Milton Keynes.

• Quieter and smoother running.
• Improved driveability.
• Better fuel efficiency.

• Cleaner emissions.
• Smoother power delivery.
• Increased engine performance.

• Reduced engine component failure.

Smoother engine running

Replenished Performance

Cleaner Emissions


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Przemas 84 - Google

I just had done remap and egr delete in my Seat Leon by Mark, he is a very nice, friendly and experienced guy! very happy about the job that was done, very happy about the result of it! Quality / Value / Professionalism / Punctuality - ALL IN ONE👍 highly recommend Miltons.  

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